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25900 Greenfield, Suite 136
Oak Park, Michigan 48237
Phone: (248) 968-3505

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Owner KEN RUSCH   
[email protected]

Auction Details

How Frequent Are Your Public Auctions?

How Do I Get a Bidder Number (customer number)?

Do I Need To Be There In Person?

How Do I Pay For Auction Lots?

What Are The Terms and Conditions?

How Can I Bid?   Is There a Bidders Fee?


How Frequent Are Your Public Auctions?

We hold Nine Public Auctions per Year (approximately every five to six weeks) at our Oak Park, Michigan Offices. We feature a wide variety of U.S., Canada, and Worldwide Stamps for Collectors, Postal History, First Day Covers, Literature, Coins and other Collectible Material.


How Do I Get a Bidder Number (Customer Number)?

A permanent customer number is assigned when you register with Modern Stamps, Inc. If you have not bid before, one will be automatically assigned to you when you place a bid; or, when you register through StampAuctionNetwork.


Do I Need to be There In Person?

No.  Bids may be placed by Postal Mail, Phone or E-Mail.  Phone Bidding during the auction can be scheduled. Auction agents are available on request.

Live On-Line Internet Bidding is Available (Through StampAuctionNetwork).

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How Do I Pay For Auction Lots?

Payment is Accepted in U.S. Dollars Only. We Accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS for Credit Card Purchases.  We also accept cash, personal checks, or PayPal.  For PayPal, use our e-mail Address: [email protected]   If you wish to charge your auction purchase, please provide your VISA/MC/DISC/AMEX number and expiration date as well as name as printed on the card, billing address, and 3-digit security code (back side).  We will keep your card number on file for future purchases, unless instructed otherwise. Using a Credit Card permits immediate shipment.


Payment may also be made using the "Make a Payment" link at the top of the page.  Payments are processed through PayPal for total security.  This link permits payment by credit card, or from a PayPal account.




What are the Terms and Conditions for the Auctions?


  • Returns are allowed, within 2 weeks, only if item delivered is not as described.
  • Extensions are allowed, but Return of Lot will result in return of the purchase price only.
  • On site viewing is available in our office the three days prior to the auction and on Auction Day starting at 9:00 am. Auction starts at Noon.
  • No Bidder's Fee is Added to the Invoice !!
  • Consignors Fee is 20% ($25.00 minimum per Lot); Additional Charges may be Added for "Box Lots" or Lots Requiring Special Packaging.  We do Nor charge a Buyer's Fee.



  1. Bids May Be Placed By Mail, Phone, E-Mail, In Person or through StampAuctionNetwork.  Open Floor Bidding Will Be Held In Our Office on the Day of the Auction for Placement of Final Bids. Phone Bidding During The Auction Can Be Scheduled. Bidding Agents Available Upon Request.  Live On-Line Internet Bidding is Available through StampAuctionNetworkl.  All Lots Will be Sold to the Highest Bidder at an Advance Over the Second Highest Bid.  In the Case of Tie Mail/Internet/Phone Bids, The Lot Will be Awarded to the First Bid Received.


  2. All Bids Are Handled Competitively And Confidentially, And Lots Purchased For The Highest Bidder.  The Full Bid Will Not Be Used Unless Competition Makes It Necessary To Do So.  In the Case of Disputed Bids On A Lot, The Decision Of The Auctioneer During Floor Bidding Will Be Final.  The Auctioneer May Reject Any Unrealistic Bid.
  3. Scott's Standard Postage Stamp Catalog Is Used For Numbers And "Catalog Value" Prices, Unless Noted.
  4. A "Suggested Value" Is Provided For Every Lot To Assist Bidders In Placing A Competitive Bid.  The "Suggested Value" Is Not A Reserve or Minimum Bid; It Is Our Estimate of A Typical Retail Value For The Specific Lot, Considering Quality, Quantity, Etc.  Bids Substantially Below The Suggested Value Are Unlikely To Be Successful.  The Opening Bid Usually is About 50% of the "Suggested Bid".
  5. We Use Normally Accepted Grading Standards And Guarantee All Lots To Be Genuine and As Described.  Lots Which Are Not Satisfactory May Be Returned For Full Refund; But, Return Must Be Made Within 10 Days of Receipt.  After 10 Days We Reserve The Right To Refuse Return Of Any Lot.  Generally, "Box Lots", Large Collections And Lots For Which An Itemized Description Is Not Available, Or Lots Offered "AS IS", May Not Be Returned.  Please Contact Modern Stamps If You Have Any Questions Or Concerns. 
  6. When Extended Time Is Required To Obtain An "Expert Opinion" Or Certificate, Return After 10 Days Will Be Accepted (If This Extension Is Requested At The Time The Bid Is Placed).  Extensions Will Not Be Granted After The Lot Is Received.  If A Lot Is Found To Be Non-Genuine Or Not As Described, Modern Stamps Will Not Be Responsible For Expertising Fees Or Any Expenses Incurred To Receive An "Expert Opinion."  Lots Offered "AS IS" Are Not Guaranteed As Genuine, And May Not Be Returned Except For Errors In Description. 
  7. When Submitting An Auction Bid, Indicate The Lot Number And The Highest Price You Are Willing To Pay For The Lot.  Your Full Bid Will Not Be Used Unless Competition Makes It Necessary.  Bids Below 50% of The "Suggested Value" Generally Will Be Used At Full Value Regardless Of Competitive Bids.  If A Bidder Number Has Been Assigned To You, Please Use this Number When Submitting Your Bids (Your Bidder Number Follows Your Name On The Address Label).  Phone Bids Can Be Received On Auction Day; E-Mail Bids Can Be Received On Auction Day (Prior to 11:00 am Only).  Bids Placed Through StampAuctionNetwork Can Be Received At Any Time Before the Final Closing.  Please Contact Us by Phone if You have Questions Relative to the Status of Your Bid.  With Prior Arrangements, Phone Bids Can Be Placed During Final Floor Bidding.
  8. Customers Known To Us, or Persons Who Supply Satisfactory References, May Have Their Lots Mailed To Them With An Invoice.  Payment Is Expected Within 10 Days of Receipt of Material Unless Other Payment Terms Are Arranged Prior To Placing Bids.  After 30 Days, We Reserve The Right To Charge 1.5% Per Month Interest On Any Unpaid Billing.  Auction Purchases May Be Charged To Your VISA, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX or Paypal Account.
  9. First Time Customers, Or Bidders Without Established Credit, Are Required To Make Full Payment Before Delivery or Shipment of Material.  Successful Bidders Will Be Sent An Invoice And Payment Should Be Made Within 10 Day of Receipt.  After Payment Is Received, Lots Will Be Shipped.  Once Credit And An Acceptable Payment Record Has Been Established With Us, Lots Will Be Shipped Along With The Auction Invoice.
  10. When Lots Are Shipped To The Customer, Postage And Handling Charges Will Be Added; Handling/Packaging Charges Will Be $0.50 to $5.00 (Depending On Work Required).  Insurance, Certification or Registration Will Be Charged On All Shipments Over $50.00, Unless Customer Assumes All Responsibility (In Advance) For Lost Or Damaged Material.  Michigan Residents Will Be Charged 6% Sales Tax.
  11. Lots May Be Examined In Our Office The Three Days Prior To Auction Day (Wed., Thurs. or Fri.) From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; And On Auction Day From 9:00 a.m. To Noon.  Other Times May Be Arranged By Appointment.  Generally We Will Not Mail Lots For Inspection Prior To Final Sale. Photos Can Not be Supplied for Collections, Accumulations or Box Lots.
  12. Each Bidder Will Receive A Summary Showing The Final Bid On All Lots For Which A Realistic Bid Was Entered.  All Successful Bidders Will Receive A Complete List Of Prices Realized. 
  13. We Reserve The Right To Reject Any Bid Judged To Be Unrealistic.  We Do Not Use "Hidden" Minimum or "Protect" Bids.  For Any Lot Without Bids, An Opening Bid May Be Entered At The Discretion of The Auctioneer During Final Floor Bidding.  For Some of The Higher Valued Lots, "Protect" Bids May Have Been Requested By The Consignor; But, "Protect" Bids Can Not Exceed 50% of The Suggested Value, or Exceed the Opening Bid for The Lot (There ar No Hidden Reserves).
  14. Placing Of A Bid Shall Constitute Acceptance Of The Foregoing Conditions Of The Auction Sale.  Any Special Conditions Or Exceptions To These Normal Terms And Conditions Must Be Discussed Prior To Bidding.


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LH/VLHLightly Hinged/Very LH
*Unused, Original Gum
**Never hinged, Unused, OG
SSupplies (Philatelic)
Mixed Cond.Mixed Condition
Ad.,Addr.Address, Addressed
NH/MNHNever Hinged/Mint NH
NG/NGAINo Gum / No Gum (As Issued)
NoAdNo Address
OGOriginal Gum
Ovpt.Overprint, Overprinted
P#Plate Number
C.D.S.Circular Date Stamp (Cncl)
Perf.Perforations, Perforated
Cat./C.V.Catalog/Catalog Value
Pl.Blk., P.B.Plate Block, P# Block
Cncl.Cancelled, Cancellation
PNCPlate Number Coil
Commem.Commemorative Issue
Rt.Right, Right Side
S.E.Straight Edge
DGDisturbed Gum
S.S., S/SSouvenir Sheet
Sep.Separation, Separated
Duplic.Duplication, Duplicates
Sl.Slight, Slightly
E.F.O.Errors, Freaks & Oddities
Slvg.Selvage (Margin, Edge)
F.D.C.First Day Cover
Shrt., Sh.Short
FDFirst Day
FLSFolded Letter Sheet (Cover)
HHHeavily Hinged
HRHinge Remnant
Imperf, Impf.Imperforated, Not Perf.
Incl.Included, Includes
UL/LLUpper Left/Lower Left
UR/LRUpper Rt./Lower Rt.
Invert.Inverted ("Up Side Down")
Wrkl.Wrinkle, Wrinkled
AGWActual Gold Weight (For Gold Coins or Medals)
ASWActual Silver Weight (For Silver Coins or Medals)



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AVG (Average)Perforations Cut Into Design Of Stamp; Edge Cuts Into Design (Imperf. Stamp)
F (Fine)Perforations Clear Of Design On All Sides; Some Margin On All Sides (Imperf. Stamp)
VF (Very Fine)Good Sized Margins On All Sides (Approximately Equal In Width On All Sides
F-VFGood Margins On All Sides (Not Necessarily Equal In Width On All Sides)
Barely FinePerforations Just Touch Design On One Side Only (Perfs Clear On Other Sides)
Almost FinePerforations Cut Into Design Slightly On One Side Only (Perfs Clear On Other Sides)
AVG-VFCentering Varies From AVG to VF (Applies To Lots With Multiple Stamps)
Mixed Cond.Condition Varies from Sound Condition to Faulty (Lots with Multiple Stamps)



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Below$ 20.00+  $1.00
$20.00 to$ 50.00+  $ 2.00
$50.00 to$ 100.00+  $ 5.00
$100.00 to$ 200.00+  $ 10.00
$200.00 to$ 500.00+  $ 20.00
$500.00 to$ 1000.00+  $ 50.00

$ 2000.00

+  $ 100.00
Over$ 2000.00+  $ 200.00



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How Can I Bid?   Is There a Bidders Fee?

This is a Public Auction. You can Bid by Postal Mail, Phone, E-Mail, in Person or through StampAuctionNetwork.  Phone Bidding during the Auction can be arranged.  THERE IS NO BIDDERS FEE !!!.


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